Liked Posts With Hearts


A post that receives a heart from a reader or a fellow blogger is an acknowledgement that your message was received and hopefully understood. When its good news we cheer with you. When you hurt we hurt with you. It doesn’t always mean your viewpoint is shared and agreed with but you took time to share it with the community. Thanks to everyone who takes time to do something new and original daily. Your message is what we need to see and hear. Keep on blogging good people.


Liking A Post


When someone likes a post it is a great feeling. No matter what is being said its important to know someone is paying attention. We may not agree with everything being said but its an acknowledgement that what you have to say is important. It’s also feedback that can be encouragement to a blogger and sometimes it fuels their creative fire. Of course it isn’t always about seeking approval but it means something more. Keep on blogging good people.

Broken Hearts


There are lots of broken hears today. On the homefront there are people who are crying over the loss of loved ones and transitions in life. Many are crying out for justice over a slain, unarmed teenager. Others are mourning an actor who was in a popular musical TV show. Our hearts and souls are fragile things. Its a tough life for many who are trying to make it day to day. All we can do is cling to the values and support systems that make our lives bearable. All this will pass one day. Just hold on.