18 Things We Did On The Computer Kids Today Will Never Understand – Buzzfeed.com


This took me back to the day when Windows was in its early days and most of us of a certain age remember it with fond memories. 

18 Things We Did On The Computer Kids Today Will Never Understand – Buzzfeed.com


Amazing New Memories


The best way to forget about the past is to forge new memories that are awesome and unforgettable. Sometimes the past can bring one pain but perhaps the new stuff you get to do is even better. It’s like you have a video tape in your mind that you are recording over some bad TV or a movie you just wanna forget. Make amazing new memories that will overpower the old stuff you would soon forget.

Reality and Memories


Lately I have been talking about memories, reality and how they relate to one another. There are so many things in life where those things interface with each other. For me its how about how parts of my life have been impacted by memories that have been both good and bad. Reality means dealing with the here and now. That means life is to be lived in real time and you have to live in the moment. In my life there are some things I am dealing with where change is happening and most of it is out of my control. I guess Elsa in “Frozen” was right you have to “let it go” but that is never easy when you care a lot.

Memories of My Life


Going through about 30 or so years of personal memories at the moment and it makes you think what your life has been like. For me its been about family, friends, faith, community and of course nerdy things that have made my life what it is. I remain humbled at all the love people have shown me and I have taken it for granted or never really accepted it fully. I have throughout my life tried to be the best person I could be and to live the life that God has so graciously given me. I have not been perfect, I have made my mistakes but my life has been about being good, for goodness sake.

High School, Not My Glory Days


On Facebook many people I went to high school with are posting pix of their kids graduating from high school. All these pictures of high school graduations and the like gives me some fond memories of my time as a teenager. However it wasn’t my favorite time in life. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible. I found that my life bloomed afterwards when I went to college where I could really be myself. I never really fit in during my high school days.

Old Blogs


I was looking nostalgically through an old blog of mine and it brought back memories. My blogging history dates back to 2005, its interesting to see what I have posted about over the years. My life and my interests have driven my blogging. Everything from my personal life, faith stuff, the community, media and other things that have inspired me. People will blog about what they know I have discovered and that’s OK.

My old blogs have shown me that I blog from my heart and soul. It’s more about sharing with others who I am. Bloggers are courageous people who open their hearts and soul to the world. Old blogs can also be a time machine where you can see what was going on in your life. It can show you how far you have come in life. 

One day many of you will look back at your old blogs and remember the good times you had as a blogger, but also you will see times where life was challenging. Like a diary, your blog should be first about you and your life where you can see the journey your life has been on. A old blog can also be a time capsule too where you see some great treasured memories. An old blog can also provide you with ideas for new posts too.

Every once and awhile backup your old posts and pictures. Sometimes a blogging site will close and you want to preserve your memories. Old blogs can die before you want them to. 

Enjoy an old blog for what it is. Treasure your memories. 


Something About A Memory – I have been posting pictures on my church’s Facebook page remembering some good times we have had over the years. Its my hope that these memories will spur some warm feelings and perhaps getting some folks back into the fold at church. 

Everyone has some fond memories and pictorial treasures in a scrapbook, a blog, a box somewhere in their closet. Those snapshots of time tell a lot about where we have been and perhaps gives a glimpse of where we can go. So many people have some fond memories like these that it helps them cope with the rough times.

A picture can say a thousand words so they say. Images can be like time machines taking us back to an event that meant a lot to us, a retreat in the mountains with friends, a trip where we did some good works, the wedding of a great couple, a time when you felt like you were on top of the world and some goofing off. 

I have been glad to share these pix of people of White Oak United Methodist Church. My prayer is that there will be plenty of time to capture more memories and share them with special people. 


In Memory of Chris…The Rev. Chris Graham is a special person who loved God and loved others. This man was my first youth minister. This picture is of us at the 50th wedding anniversary of my childhood pastor.

He leaves behind his loving wife Carol, daughter Katie and son Taylor. I was blessed to have him in my life for a short time before moving on to other places of call in his ministry.

My family visited his family in Texas on a trip to the west coast in 1985. It was a great experience to see what rural ministry is about. I had mesquite smoked lamb and I have to say it was great. That trip was a special moment in our lives. 

I say God bless you Chris Graham for all you did to make disciples and to offer people Christ.