Sunday’s Rituals


We love Sundays. There are some rituals we have that make it special. Sharing time with each other is important to our marriage.

The things we love to do on Sundays are:

  • Breakfast. Either at home or out with friends.
  • Church. Spending time with God and our spiritual familiy.
  • Grocery Store. Sometimes we have to go there to eat Sunday dinner.
  • Saturday Night Live. Or as we call it Sunday Afternoon Recorded
  • Sunday Dinner. We like to have a nice dinner on our own or with our family or with friends after church.
  • Sunday Evening TV. Programs on PBS, ABC and sometimes BBC America.
  • Preparing For The Week Ahead. Psyching ourselves up for Monday morning.

We enjoy days like these. It is a spiritual thing that keeps us tied to one another, our family and our friends.


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello good people! Its Sunday and this is the day the Lord has made. I am less than a day away from returning to work and I am a bit nervous. This morning we had breakfast at Waffle House and then went to Church. Today we are going to my folks house for family time and dinner. 

I hope everyone enjoys this day of rest and relaxation and if you have to work you have my full respect. Remember to spread the peace and share the love. 

A Sunday Report


Sunday’s are to be a day of focusing on God, family and friends. We have done just that by going to church today, enjoyed company with friends during lunch and did a hospital visit of a church member. The day after our annual rummage sale seems to feel great but we are all still tired. Tonight we will chill out and watch either Sherlock or Next Food Network Star, either one is good. Unfortunately this afternoon I can’t seem to keep from yawning, too much activity will do that to you. It’s going to be a much calmer week ahead, well at least I hope so. 

A Sunday Blog


For many Sunday is a sacred time for God and family. I love Sunday’s because it seems to have a different feel than other days of the week. Going to worship helps me frame my heart and mind for the upcoming week. Dinner just tastes better on Sunday’s and its about spending time resting and preparing myself for the upcoming week. I enjoy this time because we have a chance to get some things done too. With Christmas two weeks away things will be getting busy for us. Tonight we are watching TV and eating some yummy fiesta soup. Good stuff.

About Sundays


Sundays are great. It’s the day where I spend time with God, family and friends. This is what most Christians call the sabbath day. These are days to rest and renew ones body, mind and spirit. This morning we went to church, this afternoon we are home resting and tonight we return to church for a picnic.

I love days like this where its peaceful and easy. Usually we watch Saturday Night Live from the night before because its harder and harder to stay up really late these days.

Tonight after we get home our evening TV slate will keep us entertained. We try to make the most of our Sunday’s. The sad thing about Sunday’s is that the next day is Monday and a return to work. My Sunday’s are valuable, needed and very much appreciated.