A high 5 to get this Thursday started. Hello friends.

I may be late to this party but I wanted to be a part.


Hi Thursday


Hello good people welcome to the back part of the week. Let’s see what this day has for us.

I am hoping to make the move to my new desk today.

The weather is cold but the Sun is shining brightly.

It’s two weeks til Christmas.

I could use some coffee after the Mountain Dew I just drank. I take in too much caffeine.

Facebook is useful but it can also raise my blood pressure.

It’s time to do this, whatever this is.

Hello Thursday


Friends, I hope we all have a great day. Do good things to make the world a better place. Love one another as you are loved. Embrace life fully. Dropkick the drama and hate. May your light shine for everyone to see….just don’t blind someone in the process. Grace and peace to each of you.

Good Morning Friends!


Today is Thursday and we have our own challenges today…But the good news is tomorrow is Friday! Hang in there today and do awesome things. Have fun when possible.

To my newest followers who have made connections over the past couple of days I am pleased and honored to have you tagging along. Be the star of your own blog!  

Have a great day. Rock on good people!