Blogging, In Another Language


Language is a fascinating thing. It’s a part of our cultural identity. Blogging is not just an English language thing, its global. Whether it be on Tumblr, Word Press, Blogger, etc. people will post in their national language. Some are blessed to be bi-lingual and will increase their audience by being able to write in different languages.

It’s interesting to look at a blog from somewhere else that is written in a foreign language, but to them its local. It’s interesting to see Arabic or Japanese on the screen and you wonder what its saying. Google does offer translation services but sometimes it doesn’t reflect the tone or colloquialisms that are being conveyed by the writer.

Often times its just about following for the imagery and just to learn something new. I follow a blog where the writer posts in Dutch and English. I think I have seen some Spanish along the way. It’s good to open your minds a little and see what other people are doing and it makes you wonder what their message is. 

I am grateful to be able to blog and express myself freely however we all must remember there are places where the people are oppressed and cannot because they would be prosecuted or put to death. May the language of freedom be evident in every blog post we all make. 


To Those Who Say Tumblr Is Not A Proper Blog


You are wrong. Plenty of people write full length posts here along with posting pictures and other media. Some define it as “micro blogging” but it’s much more than that. Granted there are not as many bells and whistles as Blogger or WordPress but when you care mostly about content and getting your point across quickly this is a great platform for that. You also have a built in audience of millions of users which is nice too. Keep on blogging Tumblr nation. 

Changes In Your Blog


Bloggers who let their followers know they have changed their URL deserve something special…a Christmas cookie maybe. 

Seriously change can be a way to refresh your blog when things might be getting stale. Notifying your users of major changes in your site is a good thing. It’s a good practice to plan your changes out. 

I have noticed that people usually make the following changes to their blogs.

  • Change of  url
  • Change of appearance/theme
  • Change in the focus and purpose of your blog
  • Change in frequency of posts

People will be curious and will want to check out all the changes and that can help you get more interaction with your followers.