Care Note


A really nice thing you can do is when you see a fellow blogger going through some stuff is to drop them a note of encouragement and light. Everyone goes through something and taking the time to tell them you care is good. A care note is a wonderful thing. Lifting someone up can be awesome!


How to encourage your fellow bloggers


Bloggers are creative people who want to share their life and heart with the world. Sometimes we want to know what other people think about our posts. Its a good thing to like a post when someone doesn’t have any feedback. Leave them a note on Tumblr or if they have Disqus enabled leave them a comment. You can have an impact on keeping a blogger going. I try to leave feedback on on every blog that has little to no feedback I visit. Not every post you will agree with 100% of the time but encouraging people to keep on blogging is important to the future of the blogosphere. Be kind when possible, keep an open mind, try to get to know the writer and have fun.