Blog Surfing


I love to blog surf. Seeing what other bloggers are doing can be inspiring and can expand my horizons. However it can feel like trolling. One thing you can say about Tumblr is the global tagging system makes it easy to find fellow bloggers who are like-minded and those who can challenge you in the way you think. If it weren’t for blog surfing and yes a little trolling I wouldn’t have found any of my followers or bloggers I follow.

Blogging is about making connections and opening a channel of communication. Understanding the world view of others are great blogging tools.

If you have a blog you can’t be afraid to share what you feel and what you are interested in. We should be respectful and open minded when reading other folks blogs. Writers should be aware that you gotta be respectful too.

As I say, you should be the star of your own blog. You are the most interesting thing about your online presence. Keep on blogging and exploring the blogosphere.