Guess what day it is….we had one of these not too long ago. Remember its just a day. 

Upcoming Event 2/13/2015


It’s Friday the 13th this time next week. Just so you can prepare in case you are superstitious. It’s just a day but people do have their own fears and that sort of thing. 


It’s Friday


But it’s Friday the 13th and that’s something to ponder today (cue the creepy music). Superstitions can be fun but for many they take it seriously. I tend to be aware odd the significance of the day but in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Here’s to a good day for everyone without fear or any calamity. Love and peace good people.


It’s Friday The 13th and are you scared, superstitious, fearful? There is something about this day that makes people a little uneasy. Movies are made about days like this. People, no matter what this day is, make it a great one.