My Experiment With WordPress


I am experimenting with WordPress the popular blogging platform. My reason for doing so is to see how it works as a social blogging system. I will share my findings with you and let you know what my experience is. Some day we might have to migrate there because Tumblr could radically be different because of Yahoo. My advice is to open a blog there and test it for yourself. Stay tuned for more information.


Writing For The Social Masses


I wonder if social media, texting and other forms of electronic communications have impacted our writing quality? It seems like it to me because of the shorthand and abbreviations that are used. We write for short lengths and have to get our point across sooner or else we lose the attention of our audience. We are writing more for the social masses which means we sometimes forget what we learned in our writing classes. What is your experience with this?

Coffee Social


Sometimes I wonder, would some of my followers have coffee with me? Can you imagine a bunch of Tumblr users sitting around a table making real conversations face to face. I hope none of us have forgotten how to be social without the social networks. Would we be able to put down our phones long enough. My wife thinks I am a little addicted to my smartphone and she is right. The question is, would you want to be in the company of people you have only known through blog posts?

My Online Life


I can survive online with just Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram…I don’t think I would miss the unnecessary drama that brews there much of the time. Maybe I’ll be missed there a little. I am a progressive/liberal and my views aren’t understood by my more conservative friends. Facebook has become a platform for ads and stuff. I’ll give this a go.

Go to my actual blog and look for the social buttons there on the right hand side and follow me elsewhere. Connections are good.

The Need For Real Connections


Many of us have hundreds if not thousands of connections on Tumblr, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I ask when was the last time we made connections for real like having coffee or having a meal together. I am guilty of not meeting with people in person more too.

There are times when its just more convenient and safer to connect online. However we have lost some of the skills needed in other parts of life when we just leave it up to technology and social networking to make connections possible. Granted many of our friends live in other places so the only time we can visit is online.

It could be that we are too busy or we say we are too busy so we don’t have to actually make an effort. There is something to be said for a front porch of a house where neighbors will congregate to enjoy company and all that goes with it like food, drink and music.

People need real people, don’t you think?

Get Out or Stay In, Finding The Balance Inbetween


Sometimes it’s good to chill out. Then there are times when its good to live a little. Our lives can be chaotic or totally boring. Finding the balance is a tricky situation. I admit I have never been a party guy or the type enjoys going out to a club (although I have done that in my life). There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody but its good to get out and explore (something I need to do more of).

If you are a party animal its OK to have some quiet downtime. However if you enjoy being a homebody and a lot of us are perhaps going out for some coffee to see the outside world can inspire us and stimulate our senses. No one is meant to be alone for too long.

It can be hard to get out if you are going it alone however its a good way to make connections with new people. No matter what you are doing have fun. Life is short.

Follow That Blog…I Hope You Don’t Mind


Every relationship I have through blogging has come about because I followed a blog first and got to know someone through their posts. People have followed me back in the same manner. However when you follow a blog sometimes it feels like you are being nosy and that sort of thing. You just have to get past that.

Some bloggers want to share and express with the world everything in their head and on their heart, while others would rather just blog for themselves. It’s a personal preference on how many people you want to see your posts. 

Tumblr has created a platform that is in itself a social network through its dashboard where you see the blogs and posts of people who you follow. Some people choose to be personal, creative and original while others just want to reblog everything in sight. There’s room for both. Although I like a blog where I get to know a little about the blogger, its just more interesting if you ask me. 

I believe in the social element of blogging, its a great way to learn about things you didn’t know existed and to see life through other peoples eyes. No two people are alike. There is incredible diversity in blogging. You have to have an open mind on Tumblr and other sites like it. 

I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. It’s OK to follow me.