Snow, there is a lot of it. Well for Tennessee that is. It’s still falling though.


Let It Snow…In November?


The south isn’t known for snow during November. It’s amazing to see how much has fallen in areas that don’t usually get it this time of year. I have seen on Tumblr snow in South Carolina which is surprising and with friends on Facebook and Tumblr have shared pix of snow here in the Chattanooga and East Tennessee area. It’s amazing what is taking place around the region. I have seen good snowfall in southwest Virginia as well as Gatlinburg, TN.

Certainly its snowing elsewhere. What is the weather like where you are?


Good morning from my snow-covered Chattanooga neighborhood. #cha We got it good.

Southerners and Winter 2014


My fellow Southerners this weather is something beautiful, strange and something we experience every once and awhile. Our DNA is not equipped to handle lots of frozen weather. Please be careful, don’t get out unless you absolutely have to. Winters here aren’t supposed to get this cold and have this much precipitation so often. Stay warm and inside. Keep calm, we will get through this.

To my friends in the north, we feel sorry for you because you go through this thing a lot traditionally. It’s good to experience life from a different view.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow


At the moment some folks in the area are getting snow, while others aren’t. They have called for it today in Chattanooga but no snow to be seen. As a precaution they canceled schools today because the last time we had snow they closed the schools here around noon. I am thinking one more snow for the year and let that be it. I am very ready for Spring.

So in the tune of “Let It Go” from “Frozen”….Let it snow!