Ferguson, Michael Brown and America, Deep Issues


The tension in Ferguson, MO over the Michael Brown case is back in the national attention these days with the grand jury convening on whether or not to charge the police officer involved in the shooting. Without going into a huge discussion here because I am not an expert in the situation I hope that no matter what happens cooler heads will prevail, peace will be there in the chaos and most importantly justice needs to prevail. His parents need to have some closure down the way, no matter what. The deeper issues involved here are a indication of a deeper national issue on race. America needs to be a more unified place but until we have reconciliation, redemption and restoration then we have a long way to go before situations like what we are seeing are no longer an issue.

All we are saying is give peace a chance as The Beatles once sang.




What happened to that young man in Ferguson, Missouri is a very sad thing.

It’s a tragic event that has many complicated issues. It’s showing the worst of America in its heartland. We have seen racism, police overreach, demonstrations, rioting, looting and more come out of this small community. I don’t have any answers for this situation but I have the feeling this will be repeated again somewhere else in the country. We are not ready for prime-time when it comes to becoming a truly united states.

We have to do better, we have to hope for better, we have embrace something new that will change things. Michael Brown, the young man who’s death has caused this chaos should be remembered for being a human being who was someones son and grandson.

I hope for peace in Ferguson. Peace in our land.