Rambling About Justice


Justice was done today in Boston, Injustice was done in South Carolina. Today was a day of the scales of justice. Everyone should feel secure that justice will be done but for some there is uncertainty for some. If there is no justice then there is really no peace. I am hoping for justice for a friend of mine too.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.“ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create”. Pope John Paul II


All Life Does Matter. Black LIves, Police Lives


All life matters and in light of today’s killing of two police officers in New York City I hope this will bring about some sort of dialogue where no more blood will be shed and no more lives taken. Life is valuable in all its forms. Justice must prevail though. I am taking the side of peace for all and a world where people are priority.

All People Matter


Black and yellow, brown and white, God loves them all to paraphrase a song I heard as a kid. I hope this doesn’t sound hokey but perhaps we need to value each other no matter what. People matter. Everyone should have the opportunity for redemption and forgiveness. Even those who have done others seriously wrong. I am a believer that mistakes can be forgiven. So as we fight for justice for some we have to be willing to offer justice for those who have done society wrong.



Sometimes social media can inflame a situation. We must resist the desire to make things worse. We live in a time where its good to protest injustice but it needs to be done to make changes and not wreak havoc. Standing up for goodness is a responsibility as global citizens. We cant cause innocent people their safety or freedom to persue happiness. Being quick to judge can be a problem.

Ferguson, Michael Brown and America, Deep Issues


The tension in Ferguson, MO over the Michael Brown case is back in the national attention these days with the grand jury convening on whether or not to charge the police officer involved in the shooting. Without going into a huge discussion here because I am not an expert in the situation I hope that no matter what happens cooler heads will prevail, peace will be there in the chaos and most importantly justice needs to prevail. His parents need to have some closure down the way, no matter what. The deeper issues involved here are a indication of a deeper national issue on race. America needs to be a more unified place but until we have reconciliation, redemption and restoration then we have a long way to go before situations like what we are seeing are no longer an issue.

All we are saying is give peace a chance as The Beatles once sang.

Jodi Arias Trial


I am tired of this Jodi Arias trial thing. The jury is deciding her ultimate fate now and they are deadlocked. This whole thing leaves me scratching my head. Lots of people are murdered around the country but their killers don’t get this level of overexposure. The media has been on this case for weeks. Please end this, America is tired of it.