The State of the Union is the address presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress, typically delivered annually.

President Obama will deliver his 6th SOTU tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Time from Washington DC. It is always interesting to see what goes on and how people react to what the president has to say. I am a supporter of President Obama and there have been things I have agreed with and other things I have had questions about. He deserves respect in this task that he must perform. He will have a much tougher room this year. We shall see what happens.

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All Life Does Matter. Black LIves, Police Lives


All life matters and in light of today’s killing of two police officers in New York City I hope this will bring about some sort of dialogue where no more blood will be shed and no more lives taken. Life is valuable in all its forms. Justice must prevail though. I am taking the side of peace for all and a world where people are priority.

Getting Friendly With Cuba


Today the President announced that the process will begin to normalize relations with Cuba. I think its about time, actually it should have been done years ago. The island nation would benefit from a two-way exchange of commerce and ideas. Families have been separated because of the embargo that has been in place since the Cold War. Of course there will be a instant run on Cuban cigars which have been “banned” for years. Let’s see how this shakes out, I am happy about this event. It’s time we get friendly with Cuba. 

Ferguson, Michael Brown and America, Deep Issues


The tension in Ferguson, MO over the Michael Brown case is back in the national attention these days with the grand jury convening on whether or not to charge the police officer involved in the shooting. Without going into a huge discussion here because I am not an expert in the situation I hope that no matter what happens cooler heads will prevail, peace will be there in the chaos and most importantly justice needs to prevail. His parents need to have some closure down the way, no matter what. The deeper issues involved here are a indication of a deeper national issue on race. America needs to be a more unified place but until we have reconciliation, redemption and restoration then we have a long way to go before situations like what we are seeing are no longer an issue.

All we are saying is give peace a chance as The Beatles once sang.



We live in a land of people who have different backgrounds. Many of those people took a chance on this country and came here to make their lives and the lives of their families better. Some people came to this country without proper documentation. Those people follow in the footsteps of people throughout our history. Giving those people a second chance to make things right is a good thing for them and their families. I don’t want to get political but perhaps more action could have been done to have a lasting solution. We need to make immigration work for everyone. Immigrants are people and they should be treated with dignity. Those who do nefarious things who are here under suspicious circumstances should be expelled. This a world that needs people who will love greatly and recognize that we are all God’s children no matter where we come from.

The Price of Milk


The cost of everything is going up. Milk a staple in the homes of people around the country is not immune to the price increases we see in your nearby supermarket. I paid over $4 for a half gallon today. Drought and demand are driving the prices up. Milk was much cheaper earlier in the year and the prices crept up to where they are now which is $5-6 per gallon.

Think of what we love to eat and drink and how those things will be a little more expensive. Milk is a big part of our lives so we will have to live with the price increase.



Those who are pro-life should be prepared to be that from womb to tomb. It means the sanctity of life should be a lifetime thing where when a person is born they will have access to healthcare and other services to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. We should take care of ourselves and each other. We are all in this together right?

Athletes In The Headlines


I am seeing a lot of athletes in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Granted these folks are human and make mistakes but some of their actions are puzzling and sad. The fans I am sad for are kids who look up to athletes as their heroes.

Pro athletes are people like any of us, however they are still held to a higher standard because of their role in society. These folks are role models, whether they want to assume that title or not. I have had athletes I have looked up to when I was a boy but now I see something different.

Athletes are humans and we should give them some grace but they need to be responsible and mature people too. Friends each of us has a responsibility to be a role model for those in our lives who need someone in their lives for guidance and inspiration.