To My Brothers and Sisters of Faith


I have a few people on Tumblr who follow me who are fellow believers. Thank you for the fellowship and connection here. Having an ecumenical dialogue with fellow Christians can be a good way to build community. 

However you need to know who I am as a believer and a follower of Jesus. Some of you won’t agree on everything and that’s cool.

  • I affirm the Apostles Creed as a basic foundation of my faith.
  • I am a member of the United Methodist Church and serve as a Local Church Lay Servant.
  • I am a liberal and I encourage other liberals of faith to rock on!
  • I think many protestants need to brush up on church history as much as the Bible.
  • I am a fan of women as clergy. 
  • I think addressing someones physical needs first can help address their spiritual needs down the road. 
  • I reject fundamentalism in all religion. However there are fundamentals we all need as believers. 
  • I believe in being evangelical without being evangelical. 
  • I am a big fan of liturgy and the creeds.
  • God and guns are not a winning combination.
  • God is not a Republican or a Democrat.
  • I believe in a faith of encouragement not destruction.
  • Racism and sexism have no place in the church. 
  • I am LGBTQ affirming.
  • I am a big fan of Catholics as well as Anglo Catholics.
  • Bible worship is not cool. 
  • I believe that people don’t want scripture quoted to them, they want to see it in action. 
  • I believe in loving people for who they are because Jesus does.

To my friends who are not believers I love you too and celebrate our friendship no matter the religious differences. At times I need to talk to my fellow believers. They need to know what to expect from me. Thanks for putting up with this post.


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