My Personal Blog, What Do I Write About?


When I tell people I am a blogger the most frequent question is what do I blog about. Blogs are like people they are all different and have a life of their own. Well after giving thought and some analysis of my archives here are a few of the things I post about. 

  • Family, what is happening with me, my wife & our extended kin.
  • Faith, I talk about being a United Methodist Christian
  • Politics, I don’t do a lot of political posts,that will change with the election.
  • Media, Since I was a boy I have been fascinated by TV, Radio & Movies.
  • Food, is meant to be welcoming, nourishing & shared with others.
  • Sports, Yes geeks/nerds can enjoy sports
  • Current Events, what is happening in the world is a great writing opportunity.
  • Community, I live in an amazing place that makes you want to write.
  • Miscellaneous, Of course there are odd things I want to share.

The one thing I will say about personal blogging is you have to share yourself and how you see the world. It has to be more about you as a person and how the things that interest you shape who you are. Having a personal blog allows you to write about a universe of things that are all around you. Its a learning opportunity to get to know others and yourself a little better. Be proud of your blog because it should be an extension of you online. It truly is an opportunity to grow as a person. As I always say, Keep on Blogging. 


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