Your Blog’s Look, What Does It Say?


A well done blog is one where its easy to read above anything else. The layout of a website is a reflection of the designer and the content producer. Getting your message across means thinking about the person who will be reading it first. A busy background, non complimentary colors and too much eye candy can get in the way of your blog being its best.

There are a lot of themes on Tumblr choose the one that suits your personality. Your theme should help you communicate what you want to say in the best possible way.


My Personal Blog, What Do I Write About?


When I tell people I am a blogger the most frequent question is what do I blog about. Blogs are like people they are all different and have a life of their own. Well after giving thought and some analysis of my archives here are a few of the things I post about. 

  • Family, what is happening with me, my wife & our extended kin.
  • Faith, I talk about being a United Methodist Christian
  • Politics, I don’t do a lot of political posts,that will change with the election.
  • Media, Since I was a boy I have been fascinated by TV, Radio & Movies.
  • Food, is meant to be welcoming, nourishing & shared with others.
  • Sports, Yes geeks/nerds can enjoy sports
  • Current Events, what is happening in the world is a great writing opportunity.
  • Community, I live in an amazing place that makes you want to write.
  • Miscellaneous, Of course there are odd things I want to share.

The one thing I will say about personal blogging is you have to share yourself and how you see the world. It has to be more about you as a person and how the things that interest you shape who you are. Having a personal blog allows you to write about a universe of things that are all around you. Its a learning opportunity to get to know others and yourself a little better. Be proud of your blog because it should be an extension of you online. It truly is an opportunity to grow as a person. As I always say, Keep on Blogging. 

3 Ways to Not Suck at Personal Blogging |Shift Digital


I have been blogging for a long time and enjoy the process of writing. This article from Shift Digital author Samantha Collier can help you become a better blogger. Its about not forcing yourself to write, schedule times to write and when you have a lot to say put things in queue. Enjoy the article. 

3 Ways to Not Suck at Personal Blogging |Shift Digital