My Blogging Process


For me blogging is a spontaneous thing. Whenever the inspiration strikes is when I start writing. I think you have to get out there and experience life in order to have good material. Some of the best blogs I have written have been spur of the moment things when I didn’t put a ton of thought into it and just let myself put words on screen. Keeping a notebook whether it be pen and paper or using a app on my phone can help me keep track ideas that float around in my head.

I will write something and then let something stew for awhile. Save as draft options are available on most major blogging platforms. Editing from a rough draft lets me see where I need to clarify a point or take something out that doesn’t seem to make sense. When I write my brain can be faster than my fingers and that is where mistakes can be made. Punctuation is not my friend so I have to be careful about that too. 

Sometimes I will let a picture do the talking and using my smartphone or my digital camera can be the right tool for the job. Using Instagram can help me say something about the picture without using any words at all. A picture can say a thousand words right?

Being a part of the Social Writers of Chattanooga group on Facebook offers me a challenge to think about my blogging more and develop as a writer. 

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