How Much Is Enough?


In our Dimensions small group at church we are talking about this book called “Enough” written by Pastor Adam Hamilton of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in the Kansas City area. 

In this book its addressing themes such as credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, spending, homes and other things related to money and posessions. 

We live in a world where many try to keep up with the Jones’ and others are happy with what they have. People will get the biggest cars and homes and mortgage themselves to the hilt to do it. Longer terms on loans keep people prisoner to the the banks. Individuals will get credit cards with small limits only to ask to stretch them out to keep up with expenses or to get that something they have had their eyes on.

I am guilty of wanting stuff I clearly didn’t need. Unfortunately its the world in which we live that teaches us you gotta have it all. 

College students leave college with huge loan and credit card debt. Students will get credit cards to get necessities or in some cases spend it unwisely. 

Spiritually we are made slaves to our money and our stuff so we cannot serve God or our communities effectively. I pray that we can get past that sort of stuff to be people who are here to do good things and to have life more simple. 


Me on Tumblr


Tumblr can be a great place to meet new people with similar interests. I am glad to be blogging here.  Creatively speaking its a wonderful place to inspire you to do things different and new. I resolve to be friendly and kind to everyone I come across. It’s my hope to be inspiration too. Being yourself whoever that can be awesome!

End of the TV Season


As much as I like and sometimes love TV I am glad the end of the season is upon us. It has been a long last few weeks for some of our shows. Perhaps we are packing in too many programs. By the end of this week all our favorite shows will have concluded for the season or in some cases forever.

Now we get to hear about the new programs coming up in the fall. We always say we won’t get involved with new shows but you know how that goes. 

Bring on the summer stock including Rookie Blue and Big Brother, both shows we enjoy for various reasons. 

What I Want


I am looking for work and I have been thinking about the type of job I would love.

My dream situation would be to work with a team of people who are making a true difference in peoples lives. It would be great to make a contribution and build success. I am a good salesman and I enjoy helping people to realize the possibilities in life in using the goods and services of an organization. 

Working is important. As a man putting food on the table and a roof over the head is a self esteem thing. Sometimes what we do is who we are as people. Our jobs give us identity and give us purpose. I want to have a reputation as a good worker and a good person. 

My Elders Example


A dear man and fellow church member passed away recently. I was reminded of how many older men and women have meant so much to me over the years. My elders have always been kind and have shown me a great deal of love and care. Each of these men and women are Godly people and have been great examples of commitment to God, family, friends and Church. I hope to live like them through the rest of my life. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today has started out good. I am filling in as church secretary today which means answering phones and welcoming any visitors. It’s kind of slow but its good to be here and having something to do. Reminds me of what it is to go to work.

I brought my laptop with me so I could update the church website and do some other things as well. 

Today I am meeting Laura for lunch and going to run an errand for her. Its nice being out of the house for a change. Next week I need to do more of that and perhaps give out some resumes. So far no word from my job interview from Monday. I don’t hold out much hope there, but things could surprise me.

So lets look on the bright side and know there is something out there for me, I just have to find it. Fear not. 

Reflections on the Past, Reality of The Present, Hope for The Future


Looking at an alumni magazine article on fellow Mass Communications majors at MTSU it got me thinking how much I wanted to be in television. Growing up with two important men in my life having worked in TV its something I really wanted to do. Just seeing picture of those people working in a big market like Nashville made me think about what could have been. Yes I got a little sad when reading this article but then I got over it. Had I committed to TV I don’t think I would have been able to get married when I did or would have the life I have now.

Yes there is a part of me that misses the excitement of TV but I don’t miss the early hours or the low pay. There was some fun that went along with knowing well known people.

God has plans for my life that I have yet to realize or could even imagine. Today I am not working but who knows what tomorrow or the next day holds. There is the job that you dream about and a job that pays the bills if you can have both great but if not be blessed to have what you have. I have hope for the future. Carpe diem.