Express Yourself, Tumblr is Ready


In a post on the Tumblr staff page they made mention they are up to 170 million blogs. That is an amazing number if you ask me. Granted a good number of those are dormant or abandoned but still the number is great.

With that number of people you have an amazing potential to reach people. Tagging your blog posts can get you noticed by literally thousands of people. You also have the ability to connect with people around the world in a way other platforms can’t. Part of blogging is making connections with people and the sharing of ideas.

As a person who enjoys creating original posts and content it troubles me that Tumblr among its users doesn’t seem to be a “real blogging platform” but to me it is a great platform for personal expression. I have found no problems in using Tumblr as a conventional blog. Granted there are some limitations but every platform has them. I like the idea of sharing different forms of blogging such as text and multimedia.

I encourage creativity, original posts and making this online community a place for personal expression. So my friends talk about your lives, post those selfies and share with the world the amazing person you are and tell them about what makes you tick. As I always say people are interesting, you are interesting.

Keep on blogging my friends. There are some great stories and experiences out there that we can all enjoy.


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