Fallen Heroes


When our heroes fall from grace its like innocence has died a little. People who we looked up to for their fetes of strength and skill have disappointed us so many times. Our seemingly unlimited adoration to these people has been challenged by their desire to get ahead and perform at the highest levels while cheating in the process. Athletes, actors, performers, politicians and the like will let us down time and time again. Perhaps our definition of hero needs to change. Maybe its time to examine who we put on a pedistal. Every era has had its hero from the culture of the day. Some heroes have endured while others have just fallen away. Its truly sad. Tonight Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has a tarnished personal reputation as it comes to baseball. For me, my heroes are my wife, my family, my elders, people in my church and others in my community. To me being a hero is about respect and humility. For some their hero took a fall.


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