A Question From A Fellow Blogger


djelevatedpoet asked this question….

Who are the real heroes and who are the real villains in our society?

Sometimes the heroes wear black while the villains wear white. We seem to live in a shades of gray world today. To avoid being to cynical here I think heroes are people who make a significant contribution to the world while villains exploit and do evil things to others. A community relies upon its police to protect and serve but if gone unchecked they can abuse power. Some who do dastardly things can find themselves doing noble things. So when you ask who are the real heroes and villains then be prepared to think hard about this. 


A Subtle Screen Hero


Why do we still need movies with a shock and awe mentality and maximum destruction? Yeah we all need a hero but aren’t there more subtle ways we can save the world? I am ready for a hero in the movies that does great things without having to encounter really rich psychopaths who are bent on destruction. People who are greedy and want to own the world for their own purposes. Maybe its a statement or something but in reality there are lots of heroes who don’t wear capes or have “super powers”.

Celebrating Real Heroes


I appreciate fictional heroes like the next person however I wish we lauded real heroes who give their lives to help and save others with even greater affection. There are people who do things every day to make our world better and to keep us from harm. Real heroes do amazing things that we don’t see on prime time TV or in the movies very often.

Not to be judgemental but I wish our passion for real things were just as deep as our desire for the imaginary things.

8-year-old boy rescues 6 relatives from fire, dies trying to save 7th – CNN.com


(CNN) – An 8-year-old boy was killed in a mobile-home fire in upstate New York early Monday while attempting to rescue a disabled relative inside, according to authorities. Tyler J. Doohan, of East Rochester, was staying at the home of relatives in the nearby town of Penfield on Sunday night when he noticed a fire in the single-wide trailer, said Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer.

(If you want to know what a real hero looks like this young man is every bit the word. Our world always needs more heroic actions like this)

8-year-old boy rescues 6 relatives from fire, dies trying to save 7th – CNN.com