Yoga Thursday!


This evening I went to Yoga at Church. Our instructor took our practice up a notch and it was good. I couldn’t do every pose but what I could do was helpful in stretching me out and clearing my mind. We had a chicken taco salad for our post-yoga meal. It seems the right thing to eat after our session. I am enjoying the practice and it makes me feel good.


The Thing About Yoga


On Thursdays I do a Yoga class at my church (yes Yoga in a church) and it has helped me stretch and get some exercise. There is something about clearing your head and letting someone else have control. Of course it takes you some time to get used to the practice of it all. As a believer in Christ it’s much the same thing. Clearing my heart and head and letting Him in to help me go through the exercise that is life can make me a better person. Being stretched in faith is like being stretched in Yoga, there are some challenges. However when you get the hang of it your life can change for the better. So Yoga at Church isn’t such a bad thing.

Yoga @ Church


Tonight I went to yoga at church and it was great. One of my wife’s coworkers is conducting the class and she does a great job of accommodating for various physical limitations (meaning I am out of shape). It was good to be stretched and challenged. Yes I did work up a sweat, which I need. Thanks to Laura S. for her teaching.

Yoga and the Christian


This afternoon I took my first Yoga class, at church. My wife and I help set it up where her coworker Laura S. would come and teach it in our Church’s fellowship hall. Part of the experience of the exercises is to clear your mind and focus on what you are told to do by the instructor.

As a believer it is much like clearing your mind to let God in. I have a problem with focusing and paying attention to what I need to.

She did say that our minds are so occupied with chatter we needed to just escape from everything and just let our bodies and minds come together. There are times in Christianity where meditation and prayer can make a difference in our lives. Relaxing and letting the stress of life fall away is good for everyone.

I am looking forward to next week and I hope to improve. Yoga is good.

Doing Yoga at Church


Tonight I am trying something new, Yoga.

My church is hosting a Yoga class that’s being led by a friend. Some have compatibility issues with this eastern spiritual based exercise but for me I am going into it with an open mind. Perhaps it would be a great opportunity to exercise my body and focus on God. I think the two can work.