Boring and Bored


There’s nothing wrong with being boring or being bored. Life is not meant to be lived entirely at light speed. Slow things down and smell some roses. Drink some tea while reading a book or perhaps a good blog. Everyone needs downtime to renew and rest. Some of the greatest joy in life is in the still and silence.



I am glad to live in a world with information and communication available at my fingertips. However I am not glad of how its conditioned us to expect everything in an instant. We seem to have lost our patience and ability to wait. Many places of business are operating on a reduced staff from years past so you might not get what you need when you want it. Yes we have instant everything but everything shouldn’t be there in an instant.

Me, The Sorta OK Writer


I don’t think of myself as a good writer, other than I like share what’s rattling around in my head. You won’t find my work on the shelves of a library or bookstore. For those who are better at this writing thing than I am I thank you for enjoying what I have to say. I am just doing this blogging thing with the rest of you.



There are versions for everything. Smartphones, TV’s, books, movies, music, software, automobiles, etc are all things that have a unique number and distinct characteristics. I think people are a work in progress that have versions of themselves. As we learn and grow we become different people. Some work hard to make personal changes so they become different versions of themselves. As we age there are different versions. Kid, teenager, young adult, adult, senior adult and the like are different versions of who we are. We all evolve and change into people who we weren’t before. So are you happy with the version of the person you are or are you waiting for the next release of yourself?



Friends, I strive to not be judgemental. Everyone, however judges based on what they see. I think there is a difference between being judgmental and being observant. People make a career on reporting the news which requires them to observe people and share their findings to their audience/readers. No one likes to be judged but it does happen to everyone including me. This is one thing we all have to work on.

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself” Earl Nightingale

The “F-Word”


I am not a prude and I support everyone’s right to express themselves in the way they choose. However the “F word” seems to be overused and sometimes abused. To some it can be offensive but to others it has become language for everyday use.

Yes I know it can be a word used to shock and convey seriousness but are we using it too much? Once again my friends I hope I don’t come across as judgmental, just making an observation. Are there other words that can be used to express the same sentiment. Just asking?



I am not what you call a long-form writer. That is why I enjoy blogging so much. Writing is a great way to process what is happening around you. Putting your thoughts down on pixel or paper can help you organize what your thoughts and feelings are. I follow some great writers on Tumblr and they are doing some amazingly creative things. I enjoy checking out what other folks are doing. Your posts are like the words from a character in a book.

It’s my hope to be half as good (or more) as these great writers are…granted I get better with punctuation. I have comma phobia and I need to shake that. Being creative keeps my mind sharp and allows me a social outlet. Your feedback is always welcome.