When Faith Isn’t Enough


Faith is a personal thing. God is with everyone all the time. Sometimes it takes time away to see that. I think there is a good amount of crap and disingenuous stuff people put out and they don’t even know it. Faith is important but how one is treated in a community of believers is important. Hospitality in a house of worship is vital. Love is key.

So many people say canned things because they haven’t thought about what they are saying. I work hard to be a different believer that doesn’t offer any BS. I hope I never make anyone feel uncomfortable or preached at. Hang in there and when ready have faith.


As for me and my house…


When I became a Christian I made a promise to God and also the Church. This morning at church we talked about the Bible verse that states “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. Well when you make that promise you are committed to serving the Lord and being in Church.

There are so many choices in the world and the church is just one of them unfortunately. So many play sports, go on vacation, sleep in and more. Labor day is one of the least attended times in many congregations across the country.

Without bragging or sounding holier than thou I was proud to be with my Church family today. It was something that I wanted to do today. My wife and I have obligations each Sunday. Being in the house of the Lord is a blessing, a privilege, an honor. You cannot be the Church if you are not in the Church making disciples and impacting the lives of people.

Everyone has free will to worship, to believe, to love in God and its a decision each person has to make. But putting all other options aside is something I am blessed to do everyday.


Religious freedom is not only about our ability to go to Mass/Worship or pray at home. It is about contributing to the common good of our nation by doing the good works that our faith calls us to do.

Bishop Daniel Jenky (Peoria)