Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically. I agree!


Netscape 3.0, A Trip Down Geek Memory Lane – I kind of miss using Netscape. It was a great browser that did some cool things. Netscape 4 was also a great line of browsers too. Unfortunately AOL bought them and proceeded to ruin it. Microsoft also did it’s part in killing it with Internet Explorer. Mozilla is the legacy browser and much of what was in Netscape still lives. I miss the early days of the World Wide Web a little. However the current Web offers some really cool things such as Tumblr, Twitter and the like.

Tumblr and Advertising


I have read some folks complain about the ads that have made their way to our dashboards. Advertising is the lifeblood of media. Without sponsors some web services do not exist.

Tumblr a few months ago started putting non obtrusive ads in the “Radar” area on dashboards. Tumblr apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms have them in the users stream of followed blogs. Now the computer dashboard is having ads appear from time to time.

Advertisers spend billions on web advertising because they see a good return on investment. Web services in return can offer some value to their users by letting them know about goods and services that can benefit them. Tumblr has less invasive ads than Facebook or Google. Friends I encourage you to keep calm. As long as ads are not forced on our blogs themselves then it will work for many users.

Keep on blogging, click on a ad every now and then, be grateful you don’t have to pay out of pocket for Tumblr or many other apps across the web. Advertising is not a bad thing in this case.


Yahoo + Tumblr Is Reality – Today both David Karp and Marissa Mayer announced the marriage of Yahoo and Tumblr. This is happening and we can’t change that. 

I have shared my reservations so perhaps to have some balance perhaps there needs to be some positives that can come from it.

1. Stability, keeping Tumblr going long term. Providing cash to power the site and keeping reducing downtime.

2. Yahoo could help creators of content get their message out to a wider audience. Perhaps a tie-in with the tagging system that Tumblr employs. 

3. Search is Yahoo’s historic business and they still do it. Perhaps that search can make findinig blogs easier. Also Yahoo’s search could help users find graphics and gifs to post on their sites. 

4. Yahoo could help Tumblr reach out to a wider audience than it has. Its popular and cool but not with everyone. 

5. It can merge some technologies to improve the user experience. If Yahoo can get better at video and audio that could help Tumblr bloggers posts.

Whatever it does, we cannot high tail it for other blogging services. Geocities closed in part because of mass defections. Keep on blogging. friends and Tumblr on! We also have to keep Yahoo accountable as best we can. The marriage can work, but it takes a lot of work. 


The Deal Is Done – Yahoo agrees to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. Now we wait to see what will happen. I hope this will give new life to Tumblr but I still have my doubts as I have mentioned previously.

Friends, be sure to keep on blogging, keep on being creative, keep on being original. Yahoo might have given us a chance to blog another day and beyond.

Yahoo Wants Tumblr…I Would Be Concerned


Reports across the Web say that Yahoo wants to buy Tumblr. Friends this is a serious thing. Yahoo had a blogging platform called 360 a number of years ago but shut it down for business reasons. It bought Geocities the Web page building platform just to shut it down a few years ago. 

If you have built a presence on Tumblr it should concern you. Yahoo has an aggressive CEO who will want to use this blogging platform for advertising and reaching the 18-35 age group it needs to become relevant again. Who knows what would happen if this buyout takes place. I am not sure it would be a good thing for us. 

The deal would be worth $1 billion so it would be hard for David Karp and team to refuse. We would see Tumblr change and I am not sure for the better. You could also see other suitors like Facebook and Google swoop in and undermine Yahoo’s bid. My advice is to stay tuned and see what happens.


Chattanooga, my hometown has the fastest Internet in the nation. Our Electric Power Board offers one gigabyte of service to each home in its service area. CBS News this morning did a report on our Internet and gave the country a taste of what Chattanooga is doing in technology using this fast network.

Facebook, It’s Bloated


I, like millions of others have Facebook. It’s something that was once cool but now is a necessary evil. Using Facebook both web and mobile has become confusing and you need a team of people to use it effectively. The news feed in my opinion needs to be less bloated. Scrolling through it is really slow for me at least. It could be my machine but I think others have a similar experience. Twitter and Tumblr are fun and easy to use. Feature rich sites like this are prone to be slow. My experience will be different from others but I imagine that others feel the same way.