People @ Work


People are working twice as hard to chase their dreams. Men and women work all shifts available to put a roof over their families heads and food on the table. Their pay is less but their work is more. That work also goes toward extras that make life easier. Finding time to do what they want, when they want is becoming more challenging. It seems unfair when you see celebrities, athletes and the like making the big bucks when you can barely keep the lights on. People at work are just trying to make it day by day.


How You Start


I always say its not how you start but how you finish that matters. Some days how you start can color your attitude towards it all. I hope my day will indeed finish strong. Maybe the week is catching up with me.

Keeping Your Cool


Things happen that test our resolve and patience. Being frustrated is a totally natural thing. Keeping ones cool can be difficult when things get tough. Removing yourself from a situation can benefit everyone. Often keeping your cool means taking a breath, using your life’s experience and taking your time (if allowed). Being understanding and not taking things personally can be a good way to take the heat out of a moment

Confrontation can be uncomfortable and that requires another type of cool. I have had my moments when I have lost my cool under pressure. Having grace and a sense of peace can go a long way in making things easier on yourself and others. Stay cool my friends, it might be a good thing for everyone.

Achieving Ones Daily Goals


Achieving your daily goals an be accomplished by a lot of hard work and determination. Here are a few things I do on the job that helps me do good things.

  • Being persistent, keep on going when things get tough.
  • Have patience, its a virtue
  • Work smart so you won’t have to sweat too much
  • Using your prior experience to help you today
  • Learn from your success and mistakes, try not to repeat the mistakes.
  • Being respectful to your customers
  • Be humble, be hungry
  • Work as a teammate with others, be supportive of others

Remember not everyday will go your way and you won’t always reach your quota. Always work hard daily to achieve them and your super good days will balance out some of the days were you struggle. Always be willing to be a servant leader to those you work with and work for.