Choose Your Words


Words can do more harm and are effective weapons. I believe in keeping the peace and lifting people up so choosing ones words is a valuable thing. Yes sometimes you need to call out people on things they do but when things are cool encouraging words should flow freely. Our words can set us free, get us into trouble and put us in other situations we would rather not be in. Words are wonderful but words can wound.


The Humble Pen


This morning in church my pastor talked about the humble pen in his sermon. He said a pen can do amazing things such as start a revolution, create amazing works of literature and even pay a bill or two. Under its own power it can do nothing.

It takes someone who knows how to use a pen to stir people to action and even to calm a revolution. The same can be said about a keyboard or any other communication device. Our words are powerful and when written down they speak for a lifetime. We have amazing power ourselves when we use those devices. With the power of a pen in our control we can do great things. Use your tools of creativity wisely my friends.



We live in a society where people still struggle to be included. There are philosophies and beliefs that seek to keep those who are different on the outside of opportunities that many enjoy. People want to be a part of something special but are often left out.

We all know the groups that are wanting equality and access to the benefits others enjoy because of tradition. I have nothing wrong with tradition, some are good but others are there just because they are used to preserve the rights and privileges of a few.

Minorities, gay’s and others on the fringes have fought the good fight to have what they have now but there is still much to do. Some people need educational and cultural opportunities enjoyed by a few. People want to feel needed and wanted. Children need to be taught to love and be welcoming no matter the differences of others.

Growing up I would eat dinner at church at a round table and when someone needed a place to eat we would always say there’s room for one more. Well in life there should be room for one more. Its important to make room for others. Its something on my heart always.

As a Christian, I believe that Christ would always welcome those who were on the outskirts. He even asked a tax collector to be one of his first disciples. He called a murderer to be a part of setting up churches in the ancient world.

Its my experience of being on the fringes myself, not always included, not always thought of that I seek to include others. They need to feel the love and peace and grace that many have felt for years. Friends I want to include you, to bring you into a crazy community, to let you know that you have a friend are included. Inclusion matters. Its the right thing to do.

Differences shouldn’t separate us but bring us together.

Words Then Action


We live in a world where there are words, words, words. Everyone can talk a good game but seldom can deliver. Action speaks louder than words. People have been promised the world but have been shattered when those words go unfulfilled. 

For the believer we live in a world that expects us to be who we say we are. For those who say they love God there is much pressure to deliver and to make good on their witness to the world.

Words can be a powerful motivator. Hopefully they inspire action. For me I am not always fulfilling my promises. It happens to all of us at times. 

Hypocrisy is a problem. When you say one thing but will do another that goes contrary to your core beliefs. Many believers face this in a world that needs hope and change.

No matter the situation, people seek honesty, follow through and most importantly consistency. They want to see change not just hear about it. Kindness and action can make the difference for everyone wanting something to believe in. 

I Appreciate The Written Post


To all those who take time to express their thoughts through words I appreciate you all. It’s good to do some self examination and share with others in text form. Tumblr can be a good place to write and share I think. There is an amazing audience of people who are finding their way here. It means you can be connected with people of influence and creativity.

This doesn’t mean I am discounting those who post pix, audio and video. What is important here is to keep on blogging and keep an open mind to expressing yourself in different ways.