Appreciation of Women Who Blog


I am a 45 year old man which you would think I would be inspired by sports, cars and that sort of thing. Those things I do find interesting but when it comes to blogging I gravitate to websites featuring beauty, fashion, cooking and “girly things”. Yes I am not their target audience, but I think inspiration can come from surprising places. For me I enjoy the company of great women in my life, I find I relate better to women. Online this extends to my appreciation of women who blog.

This is not to say that men can’t get just as geeky but I just like the way women communicate online. I was raised by some great women so I am comfortable in learning more about the things women like. Visually the color and content of women who blog is very interesting. In my mind it transcends the traditional gender interests into something unique and personal. Yes my dude card was handed in years ago. I am not ashamed of that.

Perhaps its like that movie with Mel Gibson “What Women Want”. Gibson’s character had to understand women in order to speak to them in advertising. All men should seek to understand the things women like and what they think in order to have a better relationships and friendships with our wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends. There are differences and knowing what they are can build bridges of understanding and reduce conflict.

I have always thought that fangirls are a great force for good in the world so I want to emulate that a little in what I do. So I look forward to exploring some great blogs written by some passionate people who just happen to be women. Thank you for putting up with a curious dude.


Be a Queen


Women out there aim to be the queen of their lives. It’s an upgrade from princess. You can change the world with a crown on your head.

This Meninist Thing Is A Whole New Level of Silliness


Men have had centuries of advantages and privileges so to try to pretend my gender is threatened is pretty silly and kind of offensive.

Women remain oppressed and abused in many parts of the world so feminism is a necessity. Now, I think feminism should empower women to make the choices that are best for their lives and not to exclude men. However men lets get real for a minute you are all good in your situation.

I am a feminist because I think as a husband, son, brother and friend the women in my life need to be free to make their lives better and to work on achieving their dreams.

Meninists out there, just stop…just stop.

Equal Women


The struggle women have had in the past century and then some has been one of staking their claim and making their mark and running the show. Somehow today it seems that some men are scared of losing their place and will do whatever to reverse or halt the progress they have made. Without sparking a heated conversation women should be given equal consideration, pay and status in the 21st century world we live in. The world has changed, some men must change too.



The women in our lives should be empowered to do whatever they dream and to be whatever God calls them to be. No woman should be in fear of the men in their lives. There should be nothing that stands in the way of their dreams.