Snow, there is a lot of it. Well for Tennessee that is. It’s still falling though.


Brace Yourselves, Winter Is Still Here For Some Reason

Why is it still around? It’s 36 degrees or so as of 1:15 PM on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. Here’s the kicker, it could still snow more because there is a history of such events from the 1990’s. I am ready for Winter and its weather to go bye bye!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow


At the moment some folks in the area are getting snow, while others aren’t. They have called for it today in Chattanooga but no snow to be seen. As a precaution they canceled schools today because the last time we had snow they closed the schools here around noon. I am thinking one more snow for the year and let that be it. I am very ready for Spring.

So in the tune of “Let It Go” from “Frozen”….Let it snow!