18 Things We Did On The Computer Kids Today Will Never Understand – Buzzfeed.com


This took me back to the day when Windows was in its early days and most of us of a certain age remember it with fond memories. 

18 Things We Did On The Computer Kids Today Will Never Understand – Buzzfeed.com


Microsoft Windows


Its incredibly frustrating. Fixing problems without downloading something is kind of hard especially when you don’t have administrative access. Thanks to those who post tips online to help. I have been with Linux for awhile and I haven’t had many problems with it. The bright side is that it tested my abilities to search for a solution.

Farewell Dual Boot


I just gave Windows 7 the boot in favor of a Linux based Ubuntu on my new to me laptop. I figure I can do what I need to do in my computing life without Microsoft. Of course there will be a website or two that doesn’t work well with Linux but that’s not a serious issue. I love open source stuff and Ubuntu works with me.

How to Move On After Windows XP Without Giving Up Your PC


On April 8th, Microsoft will officially cut off support, service, and security updates for Windows XP. It’s been a long time coming, but depending on where you stand, it’s either overdue or absolute armageddon.

I recommend using a Linux distribution such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu. There is a learning curve but both are free of charge and you can’t beat that. (Click the link above to read the story from Lifehacker.com)

How to Move On After Windows XP Without Giving Up Your PC


What My Computer Desktop Looks Like – When I log on to my computer this is what I see. I use a Linux distro called Linux Lite. It uses the XFCE desktop environment which is light weight but very functional. Its loaded with useful apps for the Web, graphics, office, media, games and system tools. I have been using Linux in one form or another for about three years now and I really don’t miss Microsoft Windows. The one thing about this Linux Distro it has given new life to our older computer hardware.


Memories of the way we were…computer style. (Apologies to Barbara Streisand)

Windows Pains


Today I worked on a friends computer to get their wifi working. It was a pleasure for me to help some good people out. They have Windows Xp and a Linksys router.

Windows as a operating system is a magnet for malware and download schemes that install unnecessary software on ones computer. Most Windows computers are shipped with bloatware and it just slows the system down. Then you need software to clean it out and antivirus software to keep it safe from the hackers who seek to do mischief on your machines. 

Windows XP is a dated operating system that many people still run because they cannot afford to upgrade or their hardware is not able to take Vista, 7 or the upcoming release of 8. No wonder so many folks are migrating to iOS and Apple products.

Viruses continue to plague much of what Windows does. I am glad there are utilities to help clean things up and keep things running as smooth as possible. I just hope that computing overall becomes cheaper and more efficient for the users out there who are still using dated operating systems and machines. This is the reason why I use Ubuntu because its free and I can do what I need to do on my machine.