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Thoughts on The New Doctor, Peter Capaldi


The first image of Peter Capaldi on his first full day of filming was released by the BBC today. It got me to thinking how will younger Whovians relate to a older man.

Chris, David and Matt both skewed a much younger demographic whereas Peter is a throwback to the classic Who actors such as William Hartnell and John Pertwee. The breadth of work that Peter has done has gifted him with experience that will only give a new dimension to the part. Peter has been waiting all his life to be The Doctor and that waiting might be a good thing for all the fans. I hope this will give the franchise a fresh creative spark.

A major question is the chemistry of Peter and Jenna Coleman. How will they get along and will we see some chemistry developing like Jenna ad Matt did. 

It will be interesting to see if younger fans will find Capaldi captivating enough to keep them interested. At the “cons” will we see the 12th Doctor cosplayed, will we see t-shirts bearing his likeness. Only time will tell but I am glad to see the show “growing up” a bit. 


Happy 50th Fellow Whovians, This Is The Day!

Friends we celebrate the greatest sci-fi franchise in television history. Fifty years ago William Hartnell a veteran actor brought The Doctor to life for the first time on the BBC. Today Matt Smith carries the torch as the 11th Doctor. Soon we will have Peter Capaldi as the 12th incarnation of this iconic sci-fi character. What started in the UK has spread world wide into a phenomenon that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!