The Fish Sandwich


Tonight we had a fish sandwich from Arby’s for supper. Now Arby’s is a place where you get good roast beef sandwiches but fish is something very different.


You can now get fish sandwiches from several different fast food outlets that are traditionally burger joints including Hardee’s, Krystals, Wendy’s, Burger King and other regional chains. McDonald’s who has had the fillet o’ fish for a long time has come up with fish McBites which mimics chicken nuggets.

Could it bet its coinciding with the season of Lent or just trying to offer a healthier option? For whatever reason its a good thing. Variety and choice can build your business. Fish is a good protein that has lots of good things to offer your diet. So eat well.


Rediscovering Wendy’s – Good Stuff


We have rediscovered a once popular restaurant that serves square burger patties on a round bun. Wendy’s has been on the scene for decades when Dave Thomas founded the chain and named it after his adopted daughter Wendy. Their 99 cent menu is fantastic. There is lots of variety and great value. Example tonight I brought home a chicken sandwich, baked potato and frosty for Laura and I had two chicken wraps, fries and a frosty and brought it home for under $10. We went there after church this past Sunday and it was great too. This franchise is rediscovering itself in the marketplace with a souped up version of their classic burgers called Dave’s Hot and Juicy with premium toppings and thicker patties. All good stuff.

A Daily Blog for September 1, 2011


It’s September and a new start is upon us. We both worked today. I was productive and advanced toward my weekly goal. Today Laura’s new-to-her laptop died so she is on her older laptop. It’s amazing how something works and then it doesn’t. We are in discussion about what to do. Tonight we went to a Tastefully Simple tasting party at a friends house. We had some great stuff and placed an order. It’s been a good evening so far. It’s “Big Brother” night in America and they are going to evict another house guest. My money is on Shelly but who knows. It’s going to be a good weekend. By the way Wendy’s has a great lemonade, beats McAlisters. Later on tonight “Rookie Blue” comes on and that is always good.