Back To My Regular Posting


I hope I get to blog about my regular favorite things to post about tonight. All this storm stuff is not fun at all. I thank every one of you for your concern and response to my weather posts last night.

My wife and I are safe today and we hope for no storms to come and potentially harm our families, friends and neighbors. There are a lot of people across the south that are going through hell and trying to rebuild their lives. Real heroes are helping people pick up the pieces of their lives that have been shattered forever.

I think blogging shines when you are sharing real-time events in ones life. Bad weather is one of those events. It’s this form of social media that connects people who are going through a shared experience.


Tornado watches and warnings in effect for eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama | Times Free Press


And so it begins. It’s storm season for many parts of the United States. Yesterday there were tornadoes in Arkansas and North Carolina that did serious damage as well as took many lives.

Tonight there is a tornado warning until 8:00 PM Eastern time in the Chattanooga area. This should be a interesting afternoon and early evening. Wherever you are and there’s bad weather there or coming be safe.

Tornado watches and warnings in effect for eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama | Times Free Press

Some Weather…


The date is March 25, 2014 and it was snowing today in Chattanooga, TN. We didn’t get any accumulation, just a flurry with some big flakes. The weather can be peculiar around these parts. Sure we have had spring time snow events, it can happen but just when you thought it was safe to come out of your toboggans and warm clothes our friend Winter makes another appearance. Strange days indeed.

Update On Chattanooga Weather


I have been scanning Twitter this morning and there was some scattered damage throughout the Chattanooga area from last nights storms. According to media reports from outside the area there was storm related damage as well.

Our school system here went on a two-hour delay because of power outages and some standing water in areas. The storm produced heavy rain along with thunder and lightning which kept me awake some during the night.

Lately the weather has been strange. Last week it was snowing, this week it was a severe thunderstorm. Lets hope we can catch a break and have a few sunny, not so chilly days. However I heard on the news the Polar Vortex might be making a return next week. We shall see what happens.

Southerners and Winter 2014


My fellow Southerners this weather is something beautiful, strange and something we experience every once and awhile. Our DNA is not equipped to handle lots of frozen weather. Please be careful, don’t get out unless you absolutely have to. Winters here aren’t supposed to get this cold and have this much precipitation so often. Stay warm and inside. Keep calm, we will get through this.

To my friends in the north, we feel sorry for you because you go through this thing a lot traditionally. It’s good to experience life from a different view.