People are Priorities


If in this country entertainers, athletes, businessmen and the like can get paid millions of dollars certainly we can house, feed and clothe the poor. When sports teams get new stadiums every 20 years or so it seems maybe we can build permanent shelter for the extreme poor in this country. I think our national and sometimes personal priorities are out of wack. The suffering of people should be more important than what happens on a TV show next. Yes I get wrapped up in fiction but the reality of our world is that there are many in all parts of the world going without the basics of life. Sorry but not sorry to be on a soap box today.


How Much Is Enough?


In our Dimensions small group at church we are talking about this book called “Enough” written by Pastor Adam Hamilton of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in the Kansas City area. 

In this book its addressing themes such as credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, spending, homes and other things related to money and posessions. 

We live in a world where many try to keep up with the Jones’ and others are happy with what they have. People will get the biggest cars and homes and mortgage themselves to the hilt to do it. Longer terms on loans keep people prisoner to the the banks. Individuals will get credit cards with small limits only to ask to stretch them out to keep up with expenses or to get that something they have had their eyes on.

I am guilty of wanting stuff I clearly didn’t need. Unfortunately its the world in which we live that teaches us you gotta have it all. 

College students leave college with huge loan and credit card debt. Students will get credit cards to get necessities or in some cases spend it unwisely. 

Spiritually we are made slaves to our money and our stuff so we cannot serve God or our communities effectively. I pray that we can get past that sort of stuff to be people who are here to do good things and to have life more simple.