Portrait Studios in Walmart and Sears Closing


I workded for Olan Mills a national photography company that had portrait studios in K-Marts and other places around the country. Lifetouch bought them in November 2011 and from what I understand they have closed a bunch of the Olan Mills branded studios around the country.

A report on CNN I saw today reports that portrait studios in Walmart and Sears are closing too. Personal digital photography has impacted the business of studios around the country. I think that lack of disposable income has hurt business in the portrait business.

Its sad to see this happen because the photographer in a studio can provide a great portrait that will last a lifetime and create many memories. It will be interesting to see how small, independent studios fare down the road.


Walmart – It Wears On You.


When you go to Walmart you have this daunting task of finding what you need. If you have a long list of items you can wear yourself out. Its frustrating having to go all over the store to find some things. Some prices are confusing and that can drive one nuts. The thing about going to a store that has everything you need is that they can take all you have. Some folks easily walk out of that place with over $200 worth of stuff. Its interesting you can pick up a melon and a HDTV in the same place. Walmart is the high temple of consumerism in our nation. Not only do you consume its good you also consume your time there too.