Breakfast out on a Saturday @ the Waffle House.


Waffle House is a place where you can go and get a good meal at not a lot of money. They have a tradition of quick service in a comfortable atmosphere. When you go there you will see people from all walks of life. As my wife says its a life equalizer. You will see individuals of all colors, creeds and economic status who are hungry just like you. 

Everyone has to eat and here in Chattanooga there are locations available in all parts of town. Its a great place to get a cup of coffee, a steak and yes even a waffle. There is a unique language that is spoken there, scattered, smothered and covered is probably the most familiar phrase you will hear. 

You can have a conversation with the person at the counter or the person in the next booth. Your waiter or waitress is there to serve up more than just food, they serve hospitality.

The shared experience of dining tends to break down barriers. There is something to be said about a place where your humanity is more important than your status. Everyone is there for a similar purpose and that is to break bread and perhaps pass the peace.

Thanks to my wife for inspiration to write this article.