Answering the phone for Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga today. I enjoy working here. Great people who care about people in need.


My First Shift At Family Promise


Today was my first shift at Family Promise, a local non-profit that works with families in crisis and transition. I was a receptionist today and I enjoyed answering phones and welcoming people who are families in residence. I will also be doing some social media for the organization too.

These families have a day center where they hang out with their kids, do laundry, prepare meals and more. At night they relocate to area houses of worship to have dinner, fellowship and get a good nights rest. 

In just one afternoon I have learned to appreciate the stability of my life and the roof over my head. Homeless families deal face uncertainty. Their lives are spent looking for work, taking care of their kids and trying to have the most normal life they can. Many of these folks don’t have cell phones so taking care of business can be challenging. 

I pray for these folks. They have it rough at times. But with the help of God, area houses of worship, the staff and volunteers of Family Promise their future looks better. 

Volunteering At Family Promise of Chattanooga


Today I begin volunteering at a local non-profit that helps families in crisis. Family Promise of Chattanooga helps the homeless in the area by providing short-term housing in area houses of worship, food vouchers, transition to permanent housing and other services. They have a day center where they can do laundry, have a meal and hang out. I am excited to help them out as a receptionist today and also to help with social media. 

One thing about helping an organization like Family Promise is that you get to help people who are in need, build your skills, experience new things and make contacts. This is going to be fun and I look forward to doing something resembling work again. 


A Day At Camp Adahi

My wife works for The regional Girl Scout council and I went with her to one of her favorite places in the world, Camp Adahi. There was a fall festival that brought girls from East Tennessee and North Georgia. We helped with some arts and crafts that involved weaving a paper pumpkin. We had a great lunch in the dining hall and went on a hay ride. The lake was beautiful today too. We had a great time of helping make some Girl Scouts and their leaders feel special.

I have some more pictures to share with you later.