Father’s Day has Methodist ties – The United Methodist Church


This is a great article as to the origins of Father’s Day. It’s a genuine observation of fathers who have made sacrifices. As a United Methodist Christian its exciting to see we had much to its beginnings.

Father’s Day has Methodist ties – The United Methodist Church




Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian church but its also a call to each of us to experience life anew as we experience in our life in Christ. It’s also a call for renewal and joining in community to serve everyone no matter who they are and where they are in life. It means loving your neighbor and loving God with a ever burning fire. To me its reaching out to love people on the edge of society and to seek inclusion of ALL of God’s creation.

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Wow, simply wow!

LOOK: Here’s What Happened When A Catholic Cardinal Asked A Female Pastor To Anoint Him

My Next Step


I just finished my course for becoming a Local Church Lay Servant in The United Methodist Church. Now I am contemplating my next step towards becoming a Certified Lay Servant. There are a lot of things I want to do for Christ and the church as a lay person. Continuing to grow in my faith is important and using that faith to serve is important to me. There a few Ideas I have based upon the offerings from the website Be A Disciple I have time to decide but I am excited about this. 


The mimosa tree was the theme of my pastor’s sermon in church on Sunday. Rev. Lyle talked about him being a boy and climbing a mimosa tree along a fence row and him getting stuck up in it often. He would call out to his dad for help to get him out on multiple occasions. Its like when we get in trouble and cry out to God to help get us out of a jam. I will never think about a mimosa tree in the same way again.

A Statement of My Personal Faith


I am a United Methodist Christian who believes in God’s grace and inclusion for everyone who needs to be loved and to have a place in Christ’s kingdom. I am a faithful believer that peace and love are very Holy things.

Friends I share my faith in such a way that lets you know what I think without “preaching at you”, its not my style. I hope you understand a little bit more about me.