Hanging on the Telephone


I am trying to get my unemployment benefits situated. To do this I have been on hold on the phone for over 5 hours this week. I am hanging on trying to get this done so I can get my questions answered. This is very frustrating but it has to be done. 

This is what its like on the other side of the phone. I have worked in customer service in my life and when you have hundreds if not thousands of people needing to find out the same info it can be like waiting in traffic. 


A Tweet Back From A Famous Person – On the ABC TV show “The Middle” Patricia Heaton plays Frankie Heck who works for an auto dealership. Well earlier in the season she was let go from the dealership she was working at due to economic reasons. 

Yesterday I was let go from the auto dealership I was working at. So as you see art imitates life. I shared this with Ms. Heaton and she responded back. This was cool to share a moment with a celebrity who plays a character on TV who is real and relatable. 

One Month Today


It’s been one month today since I was laid off. Just thinking about that makes me realize that I am ready to get back at it. Today I have a job interview and I am hoping it will go well. Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting out resumes and applications online so I have been actively looking. I am grateful for the patience of my wife during this time. God is good and he will provide. It’s my hope to be working soon.