Rambling About Understanding


I rely upon a lot of people to help keep me informed on things and to help keep me on the straight and narrow. To understand something you must ask questions and be willing to listen with hopefully a open mind. Its helpful to realize my viewpoint is not the only one out there too. I think its the hallmark of a good person to want to understand something you don’t have have much knowledge or experience with. Personal growth means learning something new daily. Sometimes I am good at that and other times I fail miserably. At any rate, thanks to my wife, family, friends and the blogging community for having my back.




When I misunderstand please help me to understand. Its not good when misunderstandings ruin perfectly good friendships. So much drama has been caused by folks who just didn’t get what one was saying. Communication is something I struggle with.

I internalize things and at times I can take something the wrong way. God gave us two ears and one brain to listen twice as much. Perhaps if we took time to listen to people to hear what they have to say then the world could be a better place.