Farewell Dual Boot


I just gave Windows 7 the boot in favor of a Linux based Ubuntu on my new to me laptop. I figure I can do what I need to do in my computing life without Microsoft. Of course there will be a website or two that doesn’t work well with Linux but that’s not a serious issue. I love open source stuff and Ubuntu works with me.

New Operating System – Xubuntu


I am trying out a new Linux operating system and so far I like it. Xubuntu 13.04 is a flavor of the wildly popular distro Ubuntu.


It features many popular Open Source programs such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Abiword and more. It also comes with access to the Ubuntu Software Center so you can download thousands of other programs too. It uses Xfce as its GUI environment which has the feel of earlier distros using Gnome 2.

I have had it on my computer for a couple of days and there is some learning to do but its a part of trying something new. Its a speedy desktop OS that does much of what you need it to do. To all the other Computer OS geeks out there I will share more as I go along.