Frequently Asked Questions and Myths about Donation |


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about blood donation.

Check with your local blood center for their rules and restrictions. If you are considering donating be sure to call for an appointment and ask questions prior to a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Myths about Donation |


Rambling about Happy Memories


I am having happy memories of the day I got the call from my boss to come to work at Blood Assurance, our regional blood bank. My responsibility is to set blood donation appointments.

After a lengthy unemployment it was one of the best calls I had received in a long time. I am grateful for all the cool things I have been able to do since coming here. 

Busy at The Blood Bank


Today was a very busy day at work. But it was a good busy. I completed a project, answered a lot of inbound calls (something I haven’t done since my newspaper days) and I kept my cool through it all. This was the most challenging day at Blood Assurance but I got to use my experience to get the job done. I do think I need to work on a semi-consistent pitch though. Well that’s a consideration for Monday.


So I gave at the office. Blood donations are awesome at Blood Assurance.

Red Friday


Black Friday has been turned into Red Friday for me. I work for a blood bank(that’s the reason for the Red Friday thing) and I did quite well today making contacts with donors. This turned into a very productive day after Thanksgiving. I hope most holidays are like this. Monday’s lurking though.

Donation of Life and Blood


On this Veterans Day I am reminded many men and women have donated their lives and their blood on the field of battle to fight for their loved ones and their communities. Everyone has the opportunity to give life to others and all it takes is a joyful heart and just a little bit of time. Thanks to everyone who have given in one way or another.