Watching Through Others


Sometimes the best way to watch a TV program is through the eyes of people who actually watch a program you don’t. Case in point “The Bachelor” which I have only watched one season but I can’t imagine it being as horrible as this latest season that has finished. Some of the comments from friends have been harsh, probably because it was warranted. This Juan Pablo guy was not the greatest choice and he came across as a jerk.

The reactions of people who do watch a show are sometimes more entertaining than me just watching it myself. Being emotionally invested in any show can spur on some great conversation.

I tried “The Walking Dead” but I couldn’t get past the gore of it all. “Game of Thrones” was interesting to read about when there was a blood bath at the end of last season. “The Following” has its own devout fan base too and I know a fellow blogger who loves it. “Supernatural” is a show that is lived out by some in real life I am convinced.

Watching a live blog or live tweet about a show can be a great way to share the experience of a show with others. Of course the best way is dialogue with someone in the same room as you. However some folks have interesting comments.

Of course there are shows I watch that some people don’t get and that is OK. We all have unique personalities that attract us to things that are different from the rest. That’s why watching through others is so much fun.




Watching this new TV show called “Resurrection” on ABC. This is going to be interesting. It appears to be a show about deceased people being resurrected and re-entering the lives of their families in a mysterious way. So far its awesome.

‘Sharknado’ Stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid Returning for Sequel


Friends, it’s back! Prepare for the high cheese and sharks.

‘Sharknado’ Stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid Returning for Sequel

Perspective on People on The Big And Small Screen


At the end of the day much of what we see on a big or small screen is works of fiction. We get emotionally charged about what we want to happen on those screens and thats all good.

Fandoms are great and can bring people together but they can also be very divisive. But when people are involved and things get out of hand then there should be a pause for a reality check.

Actors are human beings and they are just making a living doing something they love. Behind the scenes people are just doing the same things.

In the grand scheme of things what happens on NCIS, Dowtnon Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Walking Dead and the like really doesn’t matter in light of real stuff happening in our communities and around the world.

Songs Of Your Youth


When music of your youth is used to advertise products geared to you now reminds you how old you really are. It’s sad because I heard “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran used to market low calorie yogurt. That song was a big hit when I was a teenager. It’s sad when awesome music like that is reduced to a advertising tool.


Call The Midwife Christmas Special and the Season 3 Finale of Downton Abbey are on tonight on WTCI TV45, Chattanooga’s PBS station. It’s a great night of British TV ahead.

Better Blogging Through No TV, In Nerd Corner


I have found that having the TV on while trying to blog is distracting. Lately I have turned the tube off in favor of listening to NPR online or a good podcast like “Welcome To Night Vale”.

What’s been on daytime TV lately hasn’t done anything to inspire me. Watching the news can be depressing sometimes and some non-news programming I have found to be repetitive. 

There is a correlation between no TV and better blogging. I am more creative and the dialogue helps inspire me to compose better posts. As I have written in earlier posts having a desktop configuration has also helped me focus on what I am doing. 

So friends, turn off the TV unless you can multi-task. You will find you can create better posts and it will improve what you are doing online. 

Commercial Functions


I am not a fan of TV commercials that talk about bodily functions. No one want’s to hear about that. Yes those functions are a part of life but you know it can be kind of gross when you are having a late dinner or enjoying some ice cream or something. When you see bears advertising toilet paper that can give you chills up and down your spine. This also proves I watch too much commercial TV. 

Character Assassination, Part 2


I hate when TV writers think its best for storytelling when they have to lay waste to the “permanent” cast members of a TV show. Russell T. Davies pretty much torched Torchwood. Then tonight the writers and producers of “Revolution” got rid of two beloved characters in the season finale and this seasons premiere. We invest our hearts and minds in these people and when they go its not cool. TV characters are like family and such so its just frustrating. Rory and Amy Pond of Doctor Who are like that too. This is not the first time I have written on this subject but it seems relevant tonight. 


Reality TV Super Wednesday: Survivor and Big Brother!

Tonight Survivor: Blood vs. Water makes its season premiere as former cast aways along with family and loved ones to battle it out for one million bucks.

Big Brother 15 will make its season finale tonight as Spencer, Andy and Ginamarie battle it out for the half-million clams. My money is Ginamarie or Spencer to win it.

I am glad to see Survivor’s premiere and the end of the summer as Big Brother 15 ends. This summer the house guests have not impressed me. However the Survivor cast is very strong and the family element will be awesome.

Both shows air on CBS TV and with Survivor starting at 8:00 and Big Brother at 9:30.