Music of the ages


Age is just a number, in a lot of things. However there are things that people of different ages don’t know much about. Music is one of those things that can bring people together or make them realize they are from different generations. 

Not to say a younger person doesn’t who Barry Manilow is, but often they don’t. Manilow also wrote the theme to “American Bandstand” and many of them don’t know what that is either. Then again many folks my age don’t know Iggy Azalea from Jay-Z. We remember when MTV played music videos or at least more than they do know. 

There are a lot of culturally hip older folks, I try to stay tuned into the now. It can be challenging because trends in music change quickly. Music is timeless but some music is very generational and specific to the era. Sometimes you want a great story teller like Brad Paisley while other times you just want some more light-hearted fare like Meghan Trainor. Occasionally you gotta have some classics like the Beatles while at times you crave Nirvana. 

Whatever you listen to I hope it inspires and informs you more about yourself and the world we live in now. Rock on!


Seventies Tunes


We are listening to seventies music on our cable companies music channel and it’s taking me back to my childhood. The smooth sounds with mellow melodies are awesome. You can find some stuff that rocks too. There’s a good amount of cheesy stuff but for the most part its groovy and if you listen carefully you might hear something familiar

The Most Annoying Song


There’s a song, a tune, a jingle that gets in your head and stays there. They call them ear worms which is a very good description.

For me it’s What Does The Fox Say, its annoying and just strange (although I am strange too) but in a good way.

Thanks to hypernaturalism for inspiring the following question.

What is the most annoying song that gets in your head and you wish would go away?