Care Note


A really nice thing you can do is when you see a fellow blogger going through some stuff is to drop them a note of encouragement and light. Everyone goes through something and taking the time to tell them you care is good. A care note is a wonderful thing. Lifting someone up can be awesome!


Tumblr Is Fascinating


All my posts about the 13th anniversary of 9/11/2001 were very well received. It was great to curate those posts about an important time in our nations history. My first post which was a photoset has been shared/liked over 2,200 times, that is truly fascinating to me. Yes the post had something important to say but I think it has something to do with how this community responds.

Tumblr being a social blogging platform allows for a blogger to explore what others are doing and to interact in a powerful way. The exponential power of this site is something that social media and blogging types shouldn’t ignore. Having a presence on Tumblr is a good move for those seeking to expand their audience or just to reach new people who are uniquely connected.


Although I don’t reblog these sort of things often I felt this was a good message. I am here for anyone who needs help with blogging or life stuff. Keep blogging on Tumblr safe for everyone. Expression comes with responsibility.