A Tough Tuesday


I had a tough Tuesday at work today. I wasn’t on my game as much or something. My goal is to reach my quota daily and it bothers me when I don’t. But you know being hard on myself like this isn’t good for my self esteem and confidence. There will be days like this my mom and everyone else said. It’s my hope to rebound tomorrow. I love my job and I want to do well everyday. Perfectionist, I am not that but I do try to make it the best I can.


It’s Tuesday


Howdy gang, I hope your Tuesday is going well. I am working a volunteer shift at Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga this morning which is something I always enjoy doing. This will help me get oriented for my work schedule that starts next week. Lets see what we can do today to be awesome.

Tuesday’s, to me, are just Monday part two so we have a long day ahead of us. Hang in there.

Hello Fellow Bloggers


How is your Tuesday evening going? I cooked us a great dinner of Tony’s Grilled Rosemary Chicken Tenders and a pasta/vegetable medley. We are waiting for Cote DePablo’s final episode of NCIS and we will be watching The Voice delayed by an hour. Later we will have something sweet to complete the evening. I hope you are all doing swell.