Hello Tuesday


It’s Tuesday which is actually Monday part two. Granted the weather is better so far today but the story of today has yet to be written. I have a doctors appointment today and I anticipate some form of concerned conversation as to my overall health. I could be wrong, but who knows?

I should take things one moment at a time. Lets see how things go today. I hope you all will have the best “Monday part two” possible. Things might be better than we think.  Grace, peace and love.

Be Good, Even On A Tuesday


Be good to yourselves, your friends, your neighbors, everyone. Give those who are crying out a helping hand. No one in this live should bear the burdens of their hearts and souls entirely alone. Give yourself a break today, don’t be hard on yourself. Let go of the stupid stuff that makes your life difficult. Have some joy even in times of struggle. Have faith in things bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us. Make today something different, something better. Free yourselves for joyful participation in the good things of life. You are loved today.

A Tough Tuesday


I had a tough Tuesday at work today. I wasn’t on my game as much or something. My goal is to reach my quota daily and it bothers me when I don’t. But you know being hard on myself like this isn’t good for my self esteem and confidence. There will be days like this my mom and everyone else said. It’s my hope to rebound tomorrow. I love my job and I want to do well everyday. Perfectionist, I am not that but I do try to make it the best I can.