Tragedy in Colorado


Overnight at a theatre in Aurora, Colorado a lone gunman killed 12 and injured dozens more. It was to be a night of seeing the highly anticipated movie “The Dark Night Rises” but it turned into something real and sinister. ¬†We see these things on TV and we begin to ask the basic question, why? This man from what I hear by news reports was prepared and equipped to do much more damage.

No one wants to live in fear. However the real events of the night is a further reminder of how this world has people in it who don’t seem to be living in the same reality we live in. That is scary.

There have been too many instances of this sort of thing. Nearby Columbine High School experienced the same type of violence in 1999 when two young men entered the school and shot and injured students and staff there. The common tie is that they were both senseless, horrible events that have changed lives forever.

Its a real tragedy and we must work to prevent these events from happening, if we can. God bless the Aurora community and all those directly impacted.