Tornado watches and warnings in effect for eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama | Times Free Press


And so it begins. It’s storm season for many parts of the United States. Yesterday there were tornadoes in Arkansas and North Carolina that did serious damage as well as took many lives.

Tonight there is a tornado warning until 8:00 PM Eastern time in the Chattanooga area. This should be a interesting afternoon and early evening. Wherever you are and there’s bad weather there or coming be safe.

Tornado watches and warnings in effect for eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama | Times Free Press


umrethinkchurch: Join the people of The United Methodist Church in praying for neighbors affected by and responding to the severe weather and tornadoes that have devastated parts of America’s heartland. 

Want to help? Learn more here, from Greg Forrester, executive in charge of US Disaster Response for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

Storms and Tornadoes Of April 27, 2011


One year ago the southeastern part of Tennessee was rocked by some major thunderstorms and a line of tornadoes that did serious damage. Places like Ringgold, Apison, Hixson, Red Bank, Cleveland and Ooltewah were hit hard with multiple twisters that left buildings in shambles. Most importantly people were impacted. The storm took the lives of many people. This was a day that the Chattanooga area will never forget. It’s hard to say what lasting impact these storms will have but its safe to say there are major changes in the lives of many people. 

We were both at work while the storms were happening. It was a time to keep an eye on the sky and a ear tuned into the radio. When we got home that night we watched TV until our power went out. A few days after the storm were spent living with my mom and dad in their camper. We were blessed to have a place to go when others didn’t. Laura’s mom offered too but this worked out better for us. It was an interesting time for us as a cousin passed away a couple days before, the Royal Wedding happened the Friday after and our Pastor and her fiance got married the Saturday after. 

I pray for those who were effected To this day people are still picking up the pieces and some are still rebuilding. For many it will take a long time til they return to some sort of a new normal.