Torchwood: Miracle Day


Watching a repeat of it on BBC America and some parts of it have a lot of moral issues to think about. Global conspiracy, semi-zombie states of being and of course good vs. evil and other shades of gray. There are a lot of Doctor Who Easter eggs to be gathered. Miracle Day has a great cast of people from science fiction as well as dramas.

It’s too bad that Russell T. Davies had to figuratively blow up Torchwood in more than one way. When he killed Toshiko and Owen in season 2 and Ianto in “Children of Earth” it seemed that Davies wanted to go into a new dramatic direction.

The franchise had a lot of promise. It was a great companion to Doctor Who. Who knows if there will be another season/series of shows. After “Children of Earth” it seems like it would be hard to recapture the magic that was Torchwood seasons 1 and 2. Perhaps it would be another “Miracle Day” if we saw Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper fighting the good fight again. 


Character Assassination, Part 2


I hate when TV writers think its best for storytelling when they have to lay waste to the “permanent” cast members of a TV show. Russell T. Davies pretty much torched Torchwood. Then tonight the writers and producers of “Revolution” got rid of two beloved characters in the season finale and this seasons premiere. We invest our hearts and minds in these people and when they go its not cool. TV characters are like family and such so its just frustrating. Rory and Amy Pond of Doctor Who are like that too. This is not the first time I have written on this subject but it seems relevant tonight. 

Doctor Who News: Torchwood: Miracle Day To Air On BBC America


BBC America has announced it will be airing the fourth series of Torchwood on its channel starting in September. This will be the first time Miracle Day has been shown in the US on a basic cable channel. The series originally aired in 2011 on the premium cable channel Starz.

Doctor Who News: Torchwood: Miracle Day To Air On BBC America


Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End – Are two of the greatest episodes of television I have ever seen. Its an amazing collection of talent and action ever in science fiction television. They also bring along Torchwood for the ride. The two episode arc that showcases David Tennant’s greatness as The Doctor. We also see Elisabeth Sladen in a great performance as Sarah Jane Smith. And Penelope Wilton who would go on to Downton Abbey is former PM Harriet Jones is in the mix too.

“Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” Fest.


This weekend its about “The Doctor”, Amy, Rory, River, Jack and Gwen and a few other folks along for the ride. We have the second half of the season for “Doctor Who” along with “Torchwood” tonight. It’s going to be a geeks paradise. BBC America and Starzwill see a lot of faces over the weekend. So lets fire up the Tardis, get the sonic screwdriver ready, put on bow ties and fancy coats and hold on for a sci-fi extravaganza!