You’ve Got Mail – How can you go wrong with America’s sweethearts Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Really its a movie about how technology has impacted our lives in how we communicate and get books. This flick has an amazing cast that tells a important story of the way we live. It also is a look back on how we get online too, remember America Online (AOL) and the dial-up sound.


That Thing You Do! One of my favorite rock and roll movies ever. This movie featuring Tom Hanks, Tom Everett Scott, LIv Tyler and Charlize Theron is the quintessential movie about a band who makes it big with a one-hit-wonder during the Summer of 1964. The era is one of my favorites and I feel some great music came along during the early 60’s. There are also some great cameo’s in this movie too. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

The Green Mile


This movie features a great story by Stephen King. It has a great cast with Tom Hanks, David Morse, Gary Sinise, James Cromwell and the late Michael Jeter as well as the late Michael Clarke Duncan. 

Tom Hanks character is the head of a prison’s death row and when Duncan’s character comes in there is a supernatural element to the story of healing and of atonement. The sadness is that despite the good things he does he still has to pay his debt to society. 

Stephen King does a great job of bringing out the scary parts of human nature. As my wife said you don’t need to look for monsters under your bed when you can see monsters in other people. 

It has me rethinking my position on capital punishment. Can people be punished for heinous crimes by a life in prison vs. being put to death by electrocution, lethal injection or other forms. Every person who does really bad things in theatres, schools, shopping malls and the like has serious problems. Perhaps we can prevent these situations from happening by showing them the right way before things happen. 


Tom Hanks is a national treasure. His movies have entertained and inspired millions.  He is an actor and producer who has been involved with some of the most memorable roles in the last 25 years.